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Ditch the scale, say goodbye to dieting, and nourish your body with confidence! 

Learn to love and respect your right here, right now body with No Weigh Nutrition.  

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Mary Cate

There are not enough fingers in the world to count how many times I thought changing the size of my body would make me more successful, more liked, more worthy, or more beautiful. But with every diet I started....and eventually failed, I just got further and further away from feeling any of those things. All I felt was constant failure. A failure that was only linked to the number on the scale.


The day I started moving closer to those things that I wanted was the day I started saying NO to diet culture

I stopped dieting and started giving myself grace. I started changing how I talked to myself in the mirror. I started seeing that people were not judging ME but projecting their own struggles and fears outward. I started to give others grace as I forgave and healed myself.

I can confidently say that ditching the scale, letting go of dieting, and learning how to nourish my body has changed my life.
I know it can change yours too, which is why I created this program for you.

It all starts with the choice to walk away, but you don't have to figure it out all on your own.

❤MC your RD

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Services with No Weigh Nutrition

"You can achieve balance with food and stop binge eating. Our services are for women who have hit dieting rock bottom and are ready to heal their relationship with food and their body. Let's focus on living life as the healthiest version of you!"

- Mary Cate Eklund, LMNT, CPT

"Find consistency with unconditional permission."

- No Weigh Nutrition

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"I have found joy and love in my body again. Intuitive eating has improved my relationship with food. Less fear more time to live my life."

Sara, client

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