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I'm so happy you're here!

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Hi! I'm Mary Cate, your non-diet dietitian and nutrition coach. I'm so insanely grateful for the journey that led me here today. I've been a dietitian for over 5 years now and during this time I've worked in hospitals and clinics, but no matter where I have worked I was always confronted with the same issue: diets don't work. This fact had me consistently reflecting back on my own experiences growing up. 

There are not enough fingers in the world to count how many times I thought changing the size of my body would make me more successful, more liked, more worthy, or more beautiful. But with every diet I started, and eventually failed, I just got further and further away from feeling any of those things. Instead I just felt fear and failure. 

But the day I started moving closer to the things that I wanted was the day I started saying NO to diet culture.

I stopped dieting and started giving myself grace. I started changing how I talked to myself in the mirror. I started seeing that people were not judging my body or my diet, they were just outwardly projecting their own struggles and fears. I started to give others grace as I forgave and healed myself.

This healing journey led me to the beautiful place I am today, which is helping other women break free from the grips of diet culture and nourish their bodies with confidence!

It all starts with the choice to walk away, but you don't have to figure it all out on your own.

❤MC your RD



A non-dieting approach to changing your eating habits. According to the National Eating Disorders Association,  intuitive eating is about trusting your body to make food choices that feel good for you, without judging yourself or the influence of diet culture.

A Little About Me


Dietitian Certification

Loyola University Chicago

Completed 1200 hours of dietetics practice with a focus in the areas of community and public health. Clinical practice hours completed at Loyola Medical Center.


Bachelor of Science in Dietetics

Bradley University

Graduated with honors. Secretary of the Dietetic Student Association. Served on Leaders Instilling Knowledge through Cooperative Service (LINCS) as well as the National Society of Leadership and Success. Also a member of the Rho Lambda PanHellenic Honors Society.

"Your body is made for healthy living. Trust it."

- No Weigh Nutrition

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