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Your Weight is Not Your Worth

It's time to break free.

Is this your story?

Image by Helena Lopes

Hey There!

Are you fed up with the diet cycle? Tired of going through the same restrictive diets just to end up feeling like a failure? 

Are you ready to quit the "eat this not that" game and finally enjoy time in the kitchen again?

If these thoughts have impacted your life, and you have landed here. You are ready to start this journey.  

RESTORE Program Details
Restore your confidence in food and your body.


16 Weekly Sessions

Four months of coaching to provide lasting results. We will meet 1:1 weekly to discuss your goals, progress and needs. Meetings include 45-60 minute sessions focused on you. 


Private Chat

Messaging access with your coach Monday through Friday to ensure that you have everything you need during the week. Send me text or voice notes all within your portal/app on your phone.


Your Own Platform

Included is use of the Healthie app. Within the app, you have meal, mood, movement and other journaling options available. The Healthie app is an excellent tool for tracking progress and learning about your health habits.


Your Personalized Plan

Between weekly sessions and messaging you will receive personalized recommendations, affirmations, emotional encouragement and more. Guided by principles of intuitive eating and body neutrality. 

"I am happy and I can honestly say I love myself for the first time in a really long time. I have stopped comparing myself to other women and/or body shaming myself. I know I will still have challenging body days but I also know that those days don’t define who I am."

Allison, current client

Client Wins

- Food doesn't have to be so scary -

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